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UPDATE: Per Ruger Customer Support, the Model number is 00540, and the catalog number is BNV-40. 🙂

This fine little blue 4-5/8″ (or 4.62″) Vaquero in .44-40 is no longer cataloged and I can’t’ find the ancient model number to enter into my zippy on-line New Ruger Owner’s Registration Card. They seem to have a variety of different model numbers depending on barrel length, finish, and caliber – and/but since this chambering is non-current, the old(er) designations are *poof* disappeared and unavailable on their website. Even doing a “caliber search” gets nowhere. My First Ruger…

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  1. We had nationwide sales territories. Nobody wanted to specialize in Hawaii as a sales territory because it’s a small state to begin with and there aren’t very many gun buyers here compared to, well, every other state.

    I had accounts from coast to coast. It was all telephone sales, so you worked out of nationwide leads and call lists and FFL lists as well as list of folks that came to our booth at shot and NRA. Basically whichever salesperson could establish a good personal connection with a buyer in a store anywhere in the country would get the account.

    Fun job, probably the most fun job I ever had. Hard work, though, and you had to be a salesperson first and foremost. Some folks wanted to work there because they thought it would be fun to sell guns, but lots of them couldn’t make a living. Many of the top salespeople weren’t “gun folks”. Sales is sales, and there’s no way around solid skills and time, effort and dedication.

    • Understand about Hawaii. The population of the Big Island is about the same as the last *city* where we lived. Love it but… Sales is hard, for me anyhow – it takes a certain kind of person with a certain approach. During one of my lay-offs a friend who was also “between jobs” went and sold cars at a Nissa dealership, and suggested I do the same, I said “Where do I even begin?” It’s like fishing, I can’t catch fish without dynamite. My last (and only) “sales” job the product sold itself – I scooped ice-cream in High School. Anyhow maybe in retirement I’ll get a job in retail to pay for ammo and hobby-stuff, but that’s different than Sales. I wish my wife understood that…

    • I guess I’ll wait to see what Ruger says, the inclusion of letters means it’s not “all digits” – but no matter, got two more boxes of ammo! Pretty soon at this price-point ($59.95) I’ll either be reloading or broke! 🙂

  2. Most Ruger model numbers are mnemonic.
    BNV-40 is your model number, if that’s your pic. Blackhawk (New) Vaquero- .44-40 4&5/8 bbl.
    If it was a blue 7.5″ it would be BNV-407, stainless with simulated ivory grips would be KBNVI-407, etc.
    Did I mention I used to be a salesman for a big Ruger distributor?

    • Ah-HA! Yes that’s the pic! However the model-numbering system on-line rejects that and says, “Model number should be all digits.” Would that be the catalog number instead? I guess I have to wait for a reply from the Big Company.
      Congrats BTW on the sales-job, did you have the Pacific Theater? 😉

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