Back to Wet

Just a day-long drencher. 57-degrees out coming at us at a rate of .49″/hr. – just one gray, sluice-box cloud sweeping in after another, interrupting the DISHnet satellite service and obscuring the neighbors with rain-drops the size of .30-06 shells. The french-drain creek is overflowing the banks but water is sweeping past the house instead of into it. The perimeter sidewalk is also covered in running water.
Meanwhile Graf & Sons ins out of .44-40 brass – like everybody else.
UPDATE: Lohman Arms down in Texas may or may not have some brass and ammo – it’s Texas after all, they have everything Cowboy down there.
Maybe I should just get the Big Red Rig running and load up a bunch of .45acp with what I’ve got: R-P nickel +P cases with CCI #300 primers and Nosler 185gr. JHP’s (or Hornady 185gr “XTP”) on top of some TiteGroup.
But it’s getting dark again.


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7 thoughts on “Back to Wet

  1. We’ll be Fernley-ites. Fernlieites? Fernliers? Ferns? Lots of new things to figure out, clearly. Although, given recent economic activity by Tesla, maybe we’ll be Muskateers.
    Hmmm. . . . .

  2. You are welcome. I only wish I could run down and pick it up myself. It’s a bit of a schlep from Honolulu.

    Good news on that front, though, is that I’ll be moving in to the Reno area come July. I finally had to take Medical retirement and our timeline shows us moving into our rental property east of Reno this summer. We will be neighbors. Almost. Sort of.

    For a rather rather broad definition of “neighborhood.”

    Good luck on the .44-40 fodder.

  3. The good news is I was able to find some .44-40 ammunition. The not so good news is its in Reno. Everything else is the bad news.
    Mark Fore and Strike in Reno has two different kinds of .44-40 ammo in stock. They start at 70 dollars a box. I don’t know how desperate you are, but at least I know where there is a box or six.
    Good luck.

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