Red Sky at Morning

A hot wind cam up from the south around 5:00AM this morning, and judging from the results the blow was good, with two furled umbrellas and their heavy cast-iron stands knocked over on the deck. The outdoor teak bar-table survived because it has a heavy c-clamp anchoring it to the railing. At 6:00 the sky was lit-up with a marvelous red and yellow and pink light, and then the sun came up like thunder out of Stockton cross the vale, underneath the low and bumpy South Dakota style cloud formations, and lit up the ridge-tops. Marvelous!
But no rain yet…
UPDATE: 12:30 and the rain starts, and then REALLy starts coming down. I drove up to Hangtown in a blinding downpour to WalMart for some old fashioned CD music: Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney…and ammo at Big-5: #4 Buck – and drove back down in a continuation of that downpour. Wind was whipping the rain across the roadway sideways.

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