Fifty-Calibers of Gray

Ok, my bad – I didn’t and had NO intention of reading the book, and still don’t. So I might as well have been away on a Desert Island – which I would much prefer to even enduring the relentless social-media aspects of this 2011 frothy word spaghetti, but I was not (and nobody I know) the target demographic. Those are precious minutes and hours that would never be replaced, visions that could not be un-seen. From a distance I heard the noise and for some reason NATURALLY assumed the gray/grey par was about mature hair color. In other words I thought it was a book for “mature” women and “ladies of a certain age” who wanted to experience a little safe bondage. Whatever, it’s not like I’m even going to go see it anyhow. Back to guns and stuff in a few.


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3 thoughts on “Fifty-Calibers of Gray

  1. Hasn’t it been mostly a snooze-fest out of Hollywierd for the last dozen years, mostly?

    That actually makes me consider sitting down with a paper and pen to write down a list of movies that I’ve either seen and would want to watch again, or those that I’ve not yet seen and would like to. I’m going short on the more recent vintage stuff I’m sure.

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