Promises, promises…

We’re due for a bit of much needed weather again. The snow-pack which had seemed to blossom in December, has fallen off the bloom in January and several ski resorts are shut pending further Sierra Cement. Thanks to @RyanMaue (Ryan Maue’s) twitter graphic we get to see a potential good increase in our wetness index.
California Storm

Meanwhile the rocks underneath the blue spruce needed attending, and so we bent to the task again. Filling buckets with rocks we carried them to the wagon, and then with a full wagon push/pull rolled it up the driveway and around the hilltop to the street. At the street we went overland again across the river-rock “baby heads,” and dumped the rubble onto a couple of bare patches on the hillside where a lone azalea struggled to co-exist with Satan’s own rockpile.
The ground beneath the spruce – below the rock layer – also had a devilish underlayment of anti-weed landscape fabric that was unfortunately choking the trees’ roots, so I tore-up as much as I could, and freed several major roots from bondage. Then we dumped and leveled the rest of our tanbark supply: four 30# bags. Lookin’ good now, baby!

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