Zombie Stampede – Triple-Action Shootin’ Society

Redneck Rampage was a fun computer-game, some long-time back…been thinking of a Shootin’Sport game-alternative to deep-pockets dress-up games requiring too much outlay.

Costume: one old pair of coveralls. Shirt: optional. Footwear: Rubber gardening boots to reduce skill and increase effort. Hat: any hat with or without brim, if with a brim it must be turned backwards. +1 for visor turned backwards.

To reduce “gaming” the event, shooting is scored for Speed AND also for Volume, and all Stages will be scored with a Timer AND with a Decibel Meter. Small-bore, light-shooting guns should lose-out to big boomers. Extra points awarded for most NOISE. +1 for Big Magnums. +2 for Big Magnums with a BIG Scope – however scope must be turned up to Maximum Magnification. If no magnification or Red-Dot, the front objective muse be smeared with Vaseline to reduce visibility. Lasers are allowed. +1 for each additional laser on gun up to a maximum of FIVE.

Weapons: +1 for least expensive gun (show receipt) at the Match. Any number of pistols, rifles and shotguns may be used during each stage, so if as gun breaks throw it down and pickup another (cheap) one.

Pistol: ANY pistol. +1 for a HiPoint or other low-cost leader. +2 for shooting in sideways “Ganbanger” hold. +2 for least-expensive Big-Bore pistol up to and including “Howdah” type pistols.

Rifle: Pump-action Civilian rifles chambered in .243 or .270R. MilSurp IF built Prior to 1914 and/or chambered in calibers greater than 10mm. +2 for Full-Auto guns. +2 for MilSurp with BAYONET attached.

Shotgun: Single shot or bolt-action shotgun only. +1 for “cruiser” style stock-less shotgun. +2 for cruiser style shotgun without fore-grip, shot dualist-style (one-handed).

Grenade: “Grenade(s)” (16-oz. can of beans) must be tossed-through a 36″x36″ framed window, positioned 12-feet above ground.

Claymore: “Claymore” (10-lb Olympic weight-plate) must be thrown across a 10-yard line, or rolled without falling-over past a 20-yard marker. +10 for actual LIVE grenades, but advance notice must be given for adequate preparation.

Bazooka: Bring ’em if you got ’em.

Anyhow it’s an idea in progress and an attempt too utilize common guns not often seen at fancy gun-matches, and reduce the “gaming” effect of competition. The winner of the match will be a name drawn from a hat after the match is completed.

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6 thoughts on “Zombie Stampede – Triple-Action Shootin’ Society

  1. Will there be a +1 for using cheap, reloaded GunShow ammo?

    Oh, and there should be a +2 for shooting priceless, irreplaceable relics, dontchathink?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • Yes! In Redneck Rampage you have to drink Moonshine to regain courage (and strength), but then the horizon starts to tilt every which way! The runner boots are for discombobulation, maybe a rain-slicker should be involved on really hot days.


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