Shotgun Fun etc.

Defensive Shotgun Level 1, coming up at tomorrow, so I have to get up at 6:00AM…OMG!

UPDATE: Running the pump all day get’s a little tiresome and wearing. With a full load it’s muzzle heavy, but it disappears fast. Drills were drilled and practiced, and the main thing I come back with its there’s a lot of reloading going on. And then when you find the choice needs to move-up to more blast-o-rama, and you want to switch out to a slug or 00Buck, you have spill a couple onto the ground so the next load going in is the engine-block beater… But the “modern method” of shouldering the arm DOES improve on longevity and usability. Tucking the gun well in-board on the chest, chicken-wing elbow down, instead of resting on the bicep is much preferred and thus the short LOP (13″) required is sufficient.

Meanwhile, FunShow results: anybody got a spare set of .44-40 dies? Apparently I am now (or in ten days) a Vaquero owner…

UPDATE: I imagine reloading a SAA is somewhat like reloading a shotgun – more work, leading to an emphasis on accuracy and minimizing that chore…

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