Hit the Deck

First good day out in the afternoon sun (after 2:00PM) on the chaise. Solar…mmmm… Quietly dozing, basking in the warmth – hey Dickhead! If you drive the narrow, blind-corner, quiet mountain road frequented by pedestrians at 20+ over, should I NOT judge you, asshole? Craphead in little white POS Civic thinks he’s a rally driver. I should get my sling-shot and try to hit the speeders.
Funshow tomorrow, Guage-Kata Saturday down in Ione.
And then there’s the Cowboy Action Shootin’ – seems like you need TWO sixguns. Sheesh, am I made of money? I need to get a job to pay for all this recreation crap. This is not in the budget The Budget. Actually, not much is.
UPDATE: Wild Bunch seems a possible alternative to deep-pockets SASS, but the rifle requirement (“Rifle must be chambered in a pistol caliber of .40 or larger”) appears to be driven by capturing rollover SASS types. Why not shoot an 1896-1898 (“…rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899…”) 34-40 Krag? Got one of those. And the shotgun is just a pain. I should paint the Mossberg brown with a rattle-can.

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7 thoughts on “Hit the Deck

  1. I’ve passed your suggestion for redneck 3-gun on to our match director.

    “Rifle must be chambered in a pistol caliber of .40 or larger” I have a Hi Point that seems to qualify…


  2. Word to the wise:

    If you go into a paintball store and ask for a long-range paintball gun and then ask which kind of paint does the most damage to the paint on a car, they will either ask you politely to leave, or throw you out through the front window, depending on store policy. . . .

    They will NOT sell you a paintball gun, though. . .


  3. “…I should get my sling-shot and try to hit the speeders.”


    And give them one for me too.

    As for your cowboy shotgun woes, would a Winny 1897 do the trick? Crazystupidexpensive for originals. I think the ChiComms built a copy for domestic sale rather recently, but that’s not very cowboy, and personally, buying ChiComm guns is like handing money over to Generals of The Enemy.


    • Awww crap. I don’t have three-of-a-kind anything, not even underwear – and I suck at Poker. Back to CMP shootin’ I guess and that’s every 2nd month. We had it good down at Metcalf. Maybe Wild Bunch? I have a ’43 Colt and you only need one (except for the 1=0 rule)…


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