I get the idea of not scaring the people and letting them roam peacefully, free from distraction and awareness in condition-white. When we were taking cased-guns up into the Rendezvous Casino on the elevator we were seldom alone but the rifles were out-of-sight. Mostly other adult riders were in various stages of quiet inebriation and financial-loss – but often there were families with kids who were naturally inquisitive. Sometimes people mistook us for musicians, grunting and groaning under the weight of instrumentation – keyboards are damn heavy! Kevin Baker’s best line in response to such a what’s-in-the-box query was, “Percussion!”
But if it’s really a hair-ball SHTF situation with fire raining down from the heavens alternating on Wednesdays with a rain of frogs…then the cute little fake tennis-racquet holder for your AR might not really matter much. And if people are desperate and weird, that “Fender” or “Gibson” sticker on the guitar-shaped carry-bag might attract the attention of the wrong people – the looter type. Maybe then a golf-bag would be a better subterfuge because looters are seldom aroused by the small white-ball sport. They wear the wrong shoes, after all.

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10 thoughts on “Gunterfuge

  1. Seems like every time I fly with guns, its to or from Hawaii. I guess that could be because I live here. Frustrating than any time you want to go anywhere your first 2500 miles just to get to the next bus stop. Love me some tuffpak though. It’s the way to fly with guns.

    I don’t know how many would fit in a surfboard or stand up paddleboard case. My guess, “More than you can lift” is about right.


    • We were going to Maui (or the Big Island, or Kauai) every year for the past ten years – sometimes twice-a-year – until we moved up here, last year. We drove by the Ukumehame Firing Range empty-handed so many times I can’t count. But the gun-shop in Kahului is not really gunny-Aloha to non-locals.


  2. At Camp Perry the popular cart item is the wheeled trash can, which is cheap enough they buy it there and abandon it at the end of the competition.


  3. Tuffpak is your friend!

    I have taken these all around the world (literally) and never had anyone question them. I have the tall skinny one, and it’s identical to a travel golf case (in fact, they sell it as a travel golf club case). Mine has a pair of Titilest bumper stickers on it.

    When people ask “What’s in the case?” we answer, “You ever try and travel with your golf clubs?” Whether they answer yes or no, I then say, “Well, this is the best case ever for that.” True. It is. It’s just not an answer to their question. . . . .

    Every airline I fly with in the last few years always holds firearm cases out on the destination end for ID and tag matching. Although I always declare and fill out the proper paperwork on check-in, they NEVER put my tuffpak in with the firearms, and I am able to just pick them up from the oversize luggage area on arrival.

    For what it’s worth. . . Your mileage may vary.



    • Good semi-non-answer! My gun cases are just long rectangles that could hold a guitar, maybe keyboards…and I just put floral Aloha-stickers and beer-stickedrs on ’em.
      Never tried to fly with guns to Hawaii, and I don’t see it happening (Hawaii) in the future much anymore.
      Wonder how many guns you could fit in a surfboard case? Probably enough that it would require a forklift to hoist it!


  4. Hmmm… Wasn’t there a scene in “Some Like it Hot” where the Chicago gangsters showed up with a Tommy gun in a golf bag?


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