Monday 7:00AM

Awoke early (for me) to a pink and gray streaked sky. I forget if things are supposed to warm up or to rain, but it looks to be “partly cloudy” today, with high clouds. Shoulders ache from helping the Neighbor move a huge, 7-foot tall and 4-foot wide pressboard cabinet into the garage. Dang that thing must have weighed 200lbs 400-lbs.
Today we hit the cliff-side to staple down some loose burlap, and sprinkle it with seeds, and then cover with dirt because Wildflowers!
Meanwhile the Mark Rippetoe book (for me to read) and DVD (for her to watch) are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

UPDATE: And finally my subscription of Shooting Illustrated began to arrive. And our HooverPlastic All-In-None Deskjet POS printer has taken a final crap – after years of drinking the HP cool-aid (my bad) I’m going to swill some other murky brown pond-water.

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5 thoughts on “Monday 7:00AM

  1. Oh, I was off by a bit. From Wikipedia:

    “In September 1989, HP introduced the first “personal” version of the HP LaserJet printer series, the LaserJet IIP. Priced at US$1,495″

    Almost $100 a year for a sixteen year printer.


  2. I have had an HP Officejet 6500 E710 for a couple years, a replacement for an Officejet 6something that lasted seven or eight years. It works perfectly and does everything I need. They cost about $75 so that’s $10 a year. Given that the old Laserjets cost hundreds, it probably works out about the same. Plus ink cartridges are a heck of a lot cheaper than toner cartridges. The only reason I kept my Laserjet as long as I did is because a friend gave me a giant box of cartridges when his company stopped using them.


    • When I was doing design-and-graphics, color and a photo-printer was a MUST – now not so much. A $100 brother Laser prints at 32ppm and the toner cartridge is $27 while the HP is 16ppm (now obsolete and hard to find) multi-color XL is $45 and the black XL is $32…so there seems to be a small savings.


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