Gun Club Banquet

We met the husband-wife duo of Pat and Larry (wife-husband?) who run the Trap-House as we parked and walked in, and she promised to teach me trap-shooting. The big room at the Country Club was already crowded and quickly filling up at Cocktail Hour. bThen in the doorway behind us appeared my new best-buddy Bill whom everybody knows. Yay! Tickets were taken and we went forward to find his friend Robert from the local “small media” outlet, and sit with some others at a table near the flag, podium, and prizes.
A lot of local people were there including three Judges, at least two City Council-Members and a few County Commissioners, “The Italian Sheriff” for whom we are all grateful for our CCW’s, and a table full of The Other Local Media Establishment. Many of the club-members I met a week ago at the meeting all came by to said hello and we exchanged greetings and introductions to my wife. It’s incredible to me/us coming from the general blinkered standoffish-ness of the pointy-nosed BayAryans that people are so open and friendly. God I love it here, even thought I didn’t win the super lightweight magnesium-receiver AR, or the Weatherby 12-guage pump, or the Beretta Storm…I won a big tackle box (perfect for PVC drip-line fittings) and She won the table-setting/centerpiece with a bottle of wine. Yay.
And on the way out we ran into our favorite salesgirl from the Western-Wear shop who happens to be the Hall-of-Fame Treasurer’s granddaughter – so more connections and cross-connections were made. It was a very nice night with no distracting blond-bimbo bikini-models prancing up and down the aisles holding up raffle prizes.


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