Ghost Ring

Got the Factory sight-kit the other evening, and after fiddling around managed to get the rear installed. The front requires silver-soldering and I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to get that done with a soldering pencil. Anyhow it’s looking pretty decent; klicken zum Vergrößerung.
While other photo weenies have returned to the Glories of the Past, I guess I had enough of that. And at the time and having been forcibly moved-on there’s not much un-spent baggage left strewn about the lawn. I am enjoying the abilities of this modest little (albeit obsolete already) camera – but/and as in the not-so-glorious past, I really seriously hate the whole, “it needs batteries” thing. That didn’t fly in the 3rd World where electricity was scarce and weird, and batteries became unglued and weep nasty poop on everything. My old ’67 Nikon-F didn’t even have the (ugly and bulky) Photomic metering-viewfinder, it was all mechanical – like a 12-guage.

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Ring

  1. Been looking around for a short, riot-type shotty but I’ve got certain criteria that are hanging me up. I know I don’t want Big Green Anything. Too many problems with EVERYTHING they are turning out these days. Not going with anything too fancy or semi-auto either, and I’d prefer a domestically made piece for a reasonable price.

    Of particular interest at the moment is the Mossy 88, and the coin for it looks very good, but I’m completely unaware of what the aftermarket support is for it.

    Off to look around at what the intertards say.


    • My Mossy 590 is the long-tom version that holds 8+1. An 870 riot-style short-barrel is kinda industry standard and would be way shorter, but I wanted the bayonet lung! 🙂


    • I’ve always heard that a pump is the most reliable shotgun, but my observation is different. I’ve seen long time, trained shooters screw up often enough, especially under pressure, that it tells me that is a false statement. My personal preference is the Benelli. I have the old (pre-choke tubes) M1 S90. I’ve got a couple thousand shells through it, and it has never stumbled, once it got broken in. Most of that was in one 4 day class. Only real complaint I have is that the action spring runs inside the buttstock, so you can’t put a folding or adjustable stock on it.

      Does that ghost-ring adjust far enough down to use the front bead on yours?
      (my HK/Benelli came with the factory ghost-ring setup)
      I’m wondering if a red dot sight might be better than the ghost ring. Any thoughts?


    • Thanks Willi! – I screwed the Ghost-Ring down to the base and the post shows-up nicely in it – whether that’s correct or patterns right…we’ll see in class. I don’t have a problem with semi-autos but wanted to start learning TACTICAL with a pump. I think (and we’ll see), my biggest issue maybe with the constantly reloading the gun and how it affects my fingers.
      If I removed the Ghost-Ring rear there’s screw-holes tapped for a bit of Picatinny so a red-dot could go there.


    • Fortunately the receiver was tapped just right. I only had to dick around a bit and get the 2nd rear screw into place under the spring-screw. I ran the ass-end down to the bottom because the braze-on front was so tall, the rear came pre jacked-up. I really needed the ghost-ring for class and I’m probably gonna end-up using the bead as a front at class unless I meet a friendly gunsmith at the Banquet tomorrow…


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