Watching the Fog

68-degrees on the deck with 1-mph winds we sat at the bar-table and watched the fog roll up the far hill under a bright sun that was soon occlude by high clouds. The low cloud of fog in the distance was bright on top like silver icing on a cake, but as it approached closer the dark gray underneath rose into view and it came up on think feet and blanketed the far ridge with the microwave tower until it was no longer visible, and advanced towards us.
We felt bloated and stuffed from the wine and pizza at Walt’s Wally’s – a new Sports-Bar joint that had just opened up recently (last week) after months of renovations and demo at the former Lucky VIP Chinese Restaurant which had been closed and sat empty for over a year.
The scene with a thousand giant televisions was vibrant noisy, and the pizza was excellent – but after only two pieces (and salad) I felt completely stuffed. The playoffs had a crowd of Green Bay Cheese-head partisans yelling and cheering with each mis-cue by the Seahawks. We left our table for others to enjoy.
The high clouds parted and the thick billow of fog that was advancing up over the far ridge was flattened by the sun and pushed back down into the vale until only the shiny, icing-top reflection remained in stasis.

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