Thick as marshmallows, you could walk across to the other side…Low Stratus Fogbank
We bought some Christmas Country music to put on the iPod and enjoyed the different flavor of the Season. More recently we got s’more just to go with the cowboy duds and local scene: Chesney, Paisley, and Keith. There’s a lot more country music on the radio (and more country stations) than Hipster Alt-Rock, College Art-Rock, Mexican Coyote-Singing, or PBS (aka “pseudo-serious blather”) with on-point feministe anti-capitalist perspectives combined.
It’s new to me being in a place where the gauge of a person isn’t how many University Degrees they have or the thickness of their Techno-Dweeb Nerd-Spectacles, but then I bought two old Allman Brothers Albums, (Brother & Sisters and Eat a Peach) and now she’s afraid I’m gonna start playing Freebird all day long… Nah. But I remember in Junior High I liked In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. Dickey Betts was pretty good, still is probably.


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5 thoughts on “Fogbank

    • That Bimmer was way ahead of its time.

      Not even my newer vehicles came with a changer, just a single disc…strangely, the Xterra, only two years old, came with a CD player as standard. I figured everyone was equipping all cars with mp3/usb ports by now, but then again, this particular vehicle is considered a relic by most peoples’ standards.

      Just the way I like it.

    • I didn’t have a record-player or collection as a kid, and vinyl cost too much besides. So the net effect was I didn’t play one damn thing over and over till the needle wore out (like my sister did with Surrealistic Pillow) and the music of the period remains relatively fresh since I went overseas and didn’t hear any new music for a while…

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