Back to the Bark

The sun came out today and we hit the dirt. Yesterday it was nice in the afternoon when the sun finally broke through the high clouds, and the late sunset was brilliant crimson against gray and black.
We took a walk along the road in the AM and met neighbors walking dogs; Anne and Scotty (who’s old and demented) and Nancy and Rusty. Everybody up here has dogs except us. After a year-in we can see where small changes will have the most desirous effect – and also when/where we simply notice *something* at all: trim that branch, lope that shear, blah-blah, dig that broken PVC pipe and re-glue a section. Playin’ in the mud. And so we leveled-out a spot and raised a rock wall – and noticed the broken PVC pipe. It was an old valve on a short stick and left a wet-spot. I dug down to clear a circle and we ran Station #4 to flush-out the dirt and get a clean cut. Done and done.


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