Fütebols Forgættedneš

Grey Man2Apropos my previous post on Glock dis-enlightenment and stunted personal awareness, I was reading Jim’s excellent 2nd book last night while the television was blaring and some sporting event was taking place on the channel to which it was tuned, and vaguely penetrating my thick opacity was a statement by the announcer vis-a-vis the previous year’s contest and the two-teams currently in a tussle – and I realized that this was all New-news to me, who indeed was the winner of this huge national-level sporting-event/contest? And I did not know that simple fact.
But Jim’s book is excellent reading. The dialogue is unfettered, authentic, and knowledgeable. The plot unfolds in a gripping manner allowing one to be become aware of just how much modern technology has penetrated our lives globally, to the extent of what it can/must be like to be hunted (so easily) by Drug Cartel assassins in the Age of Google. As I returned to the book it rendered the popular event taking place on the big-screen secondary in importance, so while I did have a small and insignificant factual-epiphany (Seahawks? Srsly?) the reading carried on. Thumbs up, Jim!

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  1. An excellent read! Enjoyed both of Jim’s books and have shared with family & friends. Now not so patiently waiting for the next one…

  2. Almost everything I read is non-fiction, but you’ve convinced me to order volume one (Vignettes) from Amazon.

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