Is it odd that the divine Herr Glockmeister has not penetrated my gun-consciousness beyond the point of indifference, and is it weird that I remain disconnected from its special flavor of shootyness? Or weird that people who said it’s only a matter of time before I would be on Facebook with a Facebook email address have yet to get any such Social Media from me? *crickets*
With that in mind as the SHOT show ramps-up to destroy the tender low-arches and render into painful plantar fasciitis many foot-wounded gunny Shot-walkers, I wonder-wonder about the zippy new 22TCM9R super-cartridge by Armscore – that I learned about from Twitter (of all places) – because among the World of cartridges (and Cartridges of the World) since time-eternal “R” stands for “rimmed” whereas here the CEO of Armscor GUNSPLAINS to us hidebound knuckle-dragging shooters that, “R stands for Revolution!” (Viva La!!) – and so this is a also a r-r-revolution in terminology. Meh.


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