Land of Eternal Sun

We awoke above the inversion to fading pinks and blues in the south that simply gave way to brilliance.
She wakes up an hour before me for alone-time and exercises, and hibiscus tea that’s good for blood pressure.
I hear the microwave ding as boiled eggs are cooked and I start to stir. There’s a load of whites in the dryer and a load of mixed colors in the wash that I need to advance. And email.
Outside it’s about 70-degrees and she is already moving some rocks from underneath one of the stumpy-pines, each bucket of medium-sized rocks weighs about 15-lbs. Exercise! I go to repair/fix a drip-line fixture by the Red Rocket (aka Lagerstroemia indica, aka Crape Myrtle) that is unnecessarily complex and stupid.
There are a tangle of four different lines that fork off a main and wrap around the plant like a crazy letter “F.” I cut it back and re-route and simplify to a “T.”
We decide to tan-bark the rock circle underneath the stumpy-pine, and I go under to get more rocks get moved out of the way. She goes to trim the bushy-branches up inside the other stumpy-pine, and winds up with pine-pitch in her hair – always wear a hat!
We finish the outdoor chores and it’s hot and sweaty up on the exposed rock outcropping, time for another shower (me) and a bit of scissor-work on the pine-pitch hairdo – curly hair hides a lot of flaws. Lunch at the Diamond Springs Hotel beckons.
After lunch we take the old beater 530i out for a spin to make sure the trickle battery-charge is holding. It also needs the tires’ air checked, it feels funny I am told. And they do – the rears are 30 and should be 41, it’s wallowing – but the charger is working OK.
She regains confidence in the vehicle and it’s not jumping out of 2nd anymore – needs a firm hand there with the new flywheel $$. The shocks are at 100K+ and probably will be the next thing to depart for the Great Wrecking Yard in the Sky. High clouds have drifted-in causing some glare, and the sun is well past the apex but the deck is nice and the warmth is welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Land of Eternal Sun

  1. Sounds like a good day. We have been in the mid 70 to mid 60… Beautiful up above the valley floor. We could use more rain here, and a bigger snow pack in the sierras…

    • Today is middling-fair, we’re in a lot of haze – but the view of the snow-capped Sierras is dramatic, and yes it could use more snow and we could use some more rain!

  2. A sight better than what I’ve been forced to deal with for the last week.

    Single digits last night and gusty wind.

    Yeah, I know, it’s my fault, living in the low-lands where the Canuckistan arctic cold can easily penetrate, but sand and salt-water just isn’t my thing.

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