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9 thoughts on “Je’ Suis Charlie

  1. “Naked Mohammed on a 2-stroke!” might just have to enter my vocabulary, perhaps as a replacement for “Christ on a pogo stick!”.

    Though I can think of other ways to apply 2-stroke techology in re. Mohammed, and his violent adherents.


  2. “The police officer seen writhing on the ground following the Paris terror attack before being brutally shot to death by masked men Wednesday was a Muslim, according to a published report.

    “The Daily Caller said Ahmed Merabet, 42, was named by authorities as one of the two police officers killed in the attack on the Charlie Hebdo, which also claimed the lives of 10 journalists. He was a patrolman assigned to the 11th arrondissement, the Paris neighborhood where the satirical magazine’s office is located.”

    So, will there be like a six virgin penalty when the shooter is “martyred”?


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