Cold wind blowin’ up my skirt

In the morning before it started blowing we cleaned up pine needles and leaves from the butchered plum. A little Cessna trainer flew over repeatedly practicing the approach, while the little 20v. battery-operated Ryobi blower She bought ran out of juice and the wet leaves and pine-needles just stuck to the dirt and tanbark so we collected them by hand and filled a bin.
It’s now sunny and clear and 45° with only a 18-22mph breeze, but the trumpet must be hitting some higher notes as a furled umbrella blew over on the deck. The weatherman this morning said to watch out for windchill, and down in The Valley they’re supposed to be getting 40mph and higher sustained winter breezes, while it should be lighter up here.
I went outside to put the garbage in the waste-bin and the fleece jacket I was wearing felt like a gauzy tissue as the wind blew straight through and tingled my arms – and my nose started to drip from the cold as moisture percolated out.
So I went back inside and through the laundry room into the garage to began clean-up fiddling, with a bunch of mismatched screws and washers and leftover hardware junk from The Move when I dismantled the old Ikea and other pressboard crap-furniture. Both the small and large garage doors were making all kinds of creaky-flexy sounds as the rubber wheels sought to roll up and down the channel and the doors bowed in and out, so there’s some pressure being exerted down the line.
The SGA stock fits the Mossberg fine and me too with only two spacers added, and it’s still under the Awerbuck-recommended 13″ length-of-pull.
Magpul SGA buttstock
UPDATE: This is really ALL thanks to Tam. I used the GG&G forward point swivel instead of the Magpul because – and it worked out with the Bayonet.
Plus I installed the Magpul QD swivel-point on the butt-stock that uses the shortest Allen-head screw supplied and requires placing the (also) supplied 10mm nut in/on a 1/4-inch drive teeny socket on the opposite side. Thanks Tam for all you’ve done for us over the years. I’m sure I only repeat what countless other say, that we miss the learning and sharing comment-opportunity at your blog, and sorry about the tweaker. Happy New Year, now I read you at SWAT.

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8 thoughts on “Cold wind blowin’ up my skirt

  1. Happy New Year to you, too!

    Glad you got something useful out of my shotgun futzing. I’m just sad I’ll never be able to take a class on the gauge from Louis now. 😦

    Let it be a lesson to suck the marrow out of life whenever given the opportunity.

    Your New Year’s resolution has inspired me to move my little 10-lb kettlebell into the office, where I can heft it during the day.


    • Yay Tam! I have Louis’ shotgun DVD, and it’s good but it’s a DVD. After taking two pistol classes from him I am also desolate that I cannot take a lesson in shotgunnery from him. Your advice to suck the marrow is a toast to that – but I’m NOT take an upcoming James Yeager class in the Shotgun, that’s too much potential marrow and too bitter a pill!


  2. Left Pine Grove this morning in that same wind and it was an interesting drive up I-5. If I lean forward I can see the nose of my board through the windshield and it was flexing quite worryingly.

    Speaking of chill, I was still wearing t-shirt, shorts, and sandals and it was a bit nippy when I stopped for gas. I debated changing but it was too much effort to dig everything out.


  3. Wind is an interesting phenomena… It’ll freeze you or fry you depending on the season. And where you are, you’re getting upflow winds, which will tend to be stronger than straight line because they are ‘channeled’… Nice stock on the shotty too!


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