Tree Trimming – The Plum

IMGP1949_x1000The fruitless plum came back, but without as much leafy intensity as before, merely shooting waterspouts to the sky, but plenty of them. We also saw a need for the cordless Sawzall on limbs that had apparently died back, and went through three batteries as the wood was dry and nail-hard.  The small limbs and shoots are bundled to take to our friend’s goats for a New Year’s present.  The bigger heavy limbs too, for firewood – fruitwood burns with a nice intensity.

IMGP1952_cropThe Low-Stratus cloud has been pushing up into the low ridgelines, and the low sun is draped in occasional cloud and shoots of gray mist, veiled in a curtain of glare. This is supposed to be the “sunny day” of the week, but already the morning sun has been blanked by a curtain of gray cloud, with more rain and snow forecast down to 3,000-feet, coming in tonight.



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12 thoughts on “Tree Trimming – The Plum

  1. Oh PS on smoking, macaroni and cheese, cheddar cheese (wrapped in cheesecloth), hardboiled eggs (peeled) all smoke quite nicely and pick up interesting flavors from fruitwood. My buddy in PG was just telling me about this last night and treated me to some cheese and some macandcheese. I have the smoker and will be firing it up next year.

  2. Hahaha! Your goat comment reminded me of the panda who walked into a bar, ate a bowl of pretzels, pulled out a 45 and shot out the mirror, then walked out. A patron asked what the heck that was all about and the bartender replied “He’s a panda. He eats, shoots, and leaves.”

    • All the shrubbery we have is deer-resistant, and even the deer were eating it anyhow so alfalfa pellets would be like an attractant? The cougar up in the preserve eats the cats and dogs.

    • I had A LOT of deer in one of my other cowcamps,(thanks to simple neighbors feeding them) and I used alfalfa pellets. It didn’t seem to draw them. Deer will eat darn near anything, out of hunger or curiosity, but not Feverfew so I planted it around things I didn’t want munched. Liquid fence works too, but it’s pricey.

  3. feeding fruit wood to goats???? what a waste. use the plum…and any other fruit wood… trimmings in a smoker, or with the charcoal briquets for the most tastey meats. chunk the larger pieces into 1 inch cubes and soak in water over night. the best turkey i ever ate was smoked with pear wood.

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