Boot Socks

Crew socks just don’t cut it – or they do but marginally and most are getting threadbare which is less important in a tennis-shoe type boot…so we went to Tractor Supply. They had two kinds of John Deere boot socks – I grabbed some of each.

Do Not Knock
Then we went to WalMart and got some music: SheWhomWeAlwaysObey wanted Aerosmith – must be tired of all my damn Hawaiian music I guess.

Because we is in The (flyover-Jesusland) Country now I grabbed some Brad Paisley, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, and Toby Keith…

Then we hit Lee’s Feed for s’more boot socks. Good Lord, the “Darn Tough” ones have a lifetime warranty against holes?? That’s ridiculous, whoever heard of that? So I got a pair. Also some of the Best Dang Boot Sock by Noble Equine.
And SHE also got another cowgirl shirt AND a belt – and a S&W t-shirt for me. I haz me some Smiths and I’m, thinking about an M&P 9mm….still. Birthday?

At home the Magpul SGA stock for the Mossberg had arrived. WOOT! And this total-awesomeness door-sign from my buddy Pete (who removed the doorbell at his house!):

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2 thoughts on “Boot Socks

  1. I’ve been entertaining the purchase of one of the various M&P pistols too.

    Can’t decide on whether to go full-size .45 or 9, with a possibility of the Shield9 as well.

    More rifles is a better place for “investing” one’s cash, or so I’ve been told, so there is also a possibility of another G3 pattern rifle, or another AR…Hmmm, choices, and indecision.


    • I like FAL’s and the caliber, plus bayonet! If I got another AR it will be a .30cal not another .22cal. variety. The M&P Shield 9mm interests me as a carry gun because single-stack is slim and the other small guns just don’t fit my big mitts…


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