Merry FreezingMyAss!

Not really. I’m sure anyone in MA or the Eastern Seaboard (isn’t that like a smorgasbord of seafood?) would beg to disagree. Or people in Nebraska hiding behind the one tree between them and the cold wind blowing down out of Canada, or anybody at 6,000ft – I’m sure they would just laugh. Had ice on the truck roof this morning. Just a little cold tonight, and more colder tomorrow, and colderesque the next, until chillville on New Year’s. Maybe someone in FL would agree.

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8 thoughts on “Merry FreezingMyAss!

  1. I’m in LA and it’s funny listening to everyone talk about how freezing they are during the day while I walk around in shorts, sandals, and t-shirt. It has definitely gotten cold at night, though, once that sun drops behind the hills.

    There’s also the possibility that I might be more comfortable in boots and jeans but am making a point of pretending to be toasty warm.


    • I guess temperature (and heat-index) is mainly a state of mind — and of body fat and blood circulation! 😉 Since I lost 18# I feel colder all the time, so that should work out OK this summer.


  2. Yeah, we have trees aplenty out here, however, it’s still Kansas and therefore windy when it wants to be, which is pretty much always.

    And it’s about 18 degrees right now.

    Gotta keep the fire going on days like this.


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