Social Justice

As an “Anthropologist” who has studied what passes for Human Culture, I have to say that it’s all rhetoric. There IS NO SUCH THING as “social justice.” Society, from apes to chickens to dolphins to Man, is an active and dynamic and dysfunctional and lopsided collection of individuals who behave erratically and operate in a state of turbulent chaos, not in equilibrium or especially “Balance with Nature” except insofar as they have managed to survive at all.
Social INjustice = Government
“Society” naturally occurs and exists as a collection of relationships between people who are naturally unequal in height, size, shape, weight, color, strength, and mentality – beings that exist in FLUX not in BALANCE- and the outcome of survival or death is Evolution.
The “Social” is an organizing aspect, a political idea that some beings attempt to impose on others, and it will also always be unequal and imbalanced and out-of-shape and disguised by all the outward and inward deviousness that a clever animal is capable-of: curly hair, lip-gloss, cunning, designer-fashion, predatory-nature, caring-families, poor-decisions, self-restraint, Beauty, high-heels, big-beards, lying, uncaring Step-Mothers, quick-tongue, obliviousness, abuse, Love – and strange Beliefs that are unaccountable.
ALL the pathologies evident in people are in “The Social” and sometimes (frequently, really) they come-out in emotional responses to difficult situations THAT PEOPLE CREATE FOR THEMSELVES: Anger, Warfare, Jealousy, Brutality, Psychosis, Betrayal, and many more all get exhibited – read any Shakespeare play or the Bible, or the Journeys of Gilgamesh and the Saga of Beowulf. That is our un-changing History.
You can’t have “Social” without “psychosis,” you can only try to keep a lid on it by agreeing to a set of Social-Rules and a sketchy-flexible concept of Normative-behavior. I say “sketchy-flexible” because if there’s one thing we do it’s impose standards on OTHER people, and we do it in layers so a double or triple standard is really the norm once you get around to a Rules-Based organizing principle – because EQUAL is not normal. Hammurabi knew that.
“Equality” is a dream-state Utopia where the active and dynamic slows to a steady-state, and becomes static and dead.


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  1. A modest proposal; Tattoo that WHOLE bit you just wrote on EVERY federal representative upon taking their oath after election to Congress.

    We can talk about expanding the receiving parties after we see the consequences.

    It’d be fun to watch from the comfort of couch.

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