Après le déluge

Got some nice cloud formations this morning, but they’re heading towards us…and soon the blanket will descend again.

after the storm

Clicquez vous pour le Embiggination

UPDATE: And two hours later…
Update: and in the evening…
Kilkkenz hier den fotoeinvergrossern

Kilkkenz hier den fotoeinvergrossern

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7 thoughts on “Après le déluge

  1. I enjoyed living at the base of Mt,Diablo as most winters I was out there I got to see a little snow without having to schlep up to Tahoe.

  2. In the Deep South, we’d call that photo (and the precipitation you’ve been having out there the past few days) “a summer afternoon.” 🙂

    • We never had a view like this before with a view of the horizon, always in a box looking up between buildings and trees. CA is really a desert. We can count on NO rain at all from mid-May to Mid-October, everything growing requires irrigation, and that depends on the depth of the snow-pack.

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