Stormy Weather

5:20AM We awoke to the sound of the wind blowing pretty hard up the ridge-line in the dark. UPDATE: 20-to-30mph from the SW. She went to make coffee while I lay listening to the trees groaning and limbs whipping. After a moment I got up and went to the door. A few house-lights were visible across the ravine, beyond the golf course. I opened the slider and was met with a fresh gust of wind, but no rain. The deck was strewn with pine-needles, heaped against the Christmas-light cord and underneath the small table. The larger table with the umbrella furled-fast is held fast to the deck-rail by a C-clamp and didn’t move. This was just the blast that preceded the wetness, the “atmospheric river.” Thud the rocker turned contractor/house-builder/mason/renovator, over in Scouserland, UK related to me that their academically-trained (in vocabulary at least) Environmental Fabulists are now calling the age-old winds off the Irish Sea, “Explosive Cyclogenesis” – all in keeping with making the rabbits run and the hamsters turn the wheel.
UPDATE: Now we’re gettin’ the rain. Doesn’t seem so bad…
UPDATE FRIDAY: They’re calling it the biggest storm in six years. We got three inches already since Thursday and the Sierras are now caked in snow. Once dry-as-a-bone Folsom lake is up five-feet since Thanksgiving. Glad I drive a truck not a car! Gas at Costco was $2.639 yesterday.


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11 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. How can he know we are in the middle of a 400 year dry spell? Do they normally run a specified length?

    High winds combined with high trees is what finally drove my sister out of Big Sur. When you have maybe two dozen very tall Redwoods within crushing distance of your house, seeing them sway during windy conditions can be nerve-wracking. She had already seen the results of just a limb detaching from one of her trees. That sucker was buried in the driveway. Had to have a crew bring in a backhoe to dig it out, so it could be cut up. Those limbs are the size of normal trees, falling 150-250 + feet. IIRC, the local Indian name for those are “whistling death”. Hmm, might be “whispering death”.

  2. Yesterday, even The Weather Channel (Progressive Weather Reporting – what a concept!) was forced to report that a NOAA study shows that the three-year-long California drought was NOT caused by “climate change”, but rather by normal weather patterns. Musta hurt. Bad.

  3. “Explosive Psycho-genesis” would be more like it.
    The environmentally-themed progressives can no more stop making up Human-Caused Weather Disaster memes than their social-justice-themed brethren can stop making up Innocent Unarmed Blacks Attacked by Brutal Police lies.

  4. Taking the high ground has its rewards. We have had a lot of rain and wind here, the rain we badly needed the wind not so much. I have go bags and stay bags that are ready as can be. Let’r rain, recharge the aquifers.

    • A really big and sustained rain could overwhelm the old and decrepit levees and stuff! The flood of ’62 (1862) was fed by a lot of rain that hit Oregon and Washington too, washed-away stuff that was never recoverd-from.

  5. The Precipitation Gods must be angry.

    I took an Interstate exit in the Deep South yesterday, where two large gasoline stations are known for what we used to call “price wars”…$2.179 per gallon. Rabid Environmentalist heads are in danger of detonation over the idea that average people can actually afford to buy enough gasoline to go visit Grandma this Christmas.

    • $2.17 is awesome! The Hateful Losers in the CA Stupidslature are going to raise the gas-tax again in Jan. because too many people are buying Priuesses and Teslas and low-gas hybrids, they need more money off the backs of people who work…

    • Reportedly the Maidu Indians never made a permanent camp below 300-feet and avoided the valley floor, the winter weather made passage too difficult and dangerous. The Valley is really just a huge catchment basin, and our levees and dikes are over 60-years old and in bad repair…infrastructure is not sexy.

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