Mall of Infamy

So far we have managed to avoid any and all traipsing around the over-burdened Mallscape during the Holiday Festivities. Until today. But some success was achieved early on – Macy’s had what SHE wanted – and we departed Roseville before crowds of coughing shoppers with small spitting and hacking children descended en-mass in the overcast gloom.
On the way home we stopped for a delicious bowl of Wor Wonton Soup at the little Chinese place in EDH. Yum.
Meanwhile all the ships at sea have radioed-in with reports of another advancing column of monster dominoes, lined-up and advancing along the Pineapple Express Line, ready to topple down on us. So out to the yard and Release the Kraken! Or at least some 30-gallons of Kraken-Fluid from the rain-barrels…

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