Flat-Gray Friday to Soggy-Saturday

More gray soup outside the morning sliders finally gave way to some sunlight in the afternoon, so I took the truck down to SpiffyLube since the oil was past-due – good thing I use synthetic!
In actual shooting-type comments at Capn’. Bob’s I mentioned ear-pro, and here’s what we have at the moment:
IMGP0075_x1000I have a pair of Peltor Tac-6 electronic muffs because all the cool-kids at the first Gunblogger Rendezvous I attended wore them, so I took that as a recommendation. It was true, and for a long time I was happy-happy, but now I am a curmudgeonly retired geek so I get to bitch and complain about every little damn thing.

CaldwellI bought the Peltor’s since my first pair of electronic ear-pro were inexpensive Caldwell-brand ones (yes, I’m cheap, and at the time unemployed) that I got from Midway, which after a few days at the 200-yard Range took-up knitting or something. They only worked when they felt like it, one side or another, depending on how you jiggled them, so I converted them to garage-use, and my wife used them when the Shop-Vac was turned-on.

The downside to the Peltor’s is they eat batteries like crazy because the little on-off switches roll to “On” with almost no resistance, just inserting them into a range bag is fraught with potential discharge. Also sweat seemed to easily migrate to the battery-ends, and despite the advertising about non-leakage the little AAA Duracell’s had a fuzzy growth of blue at the Peltor’s contact points. A orange-tipped Ticonderoga #2 pencil eraser does a good job of removing that, but it’s a constant battle and I always have to carry a bunch of batteries around.

Finally at out New Costco last fall I came upon some hunting gear including a set of of Walker Alpha muffs – for $38-some bucks. They have the bitchin’ carbon-fiber tactical look, but mainly my wife likes the fit and comfort of them better than the Peltor’s because they’re not as tight against her head and the padding just works better – and also the on-off knobs are more positive to STOP. So I bought a second pair just for Her – but not in Pink. She’s a girl but not a “pink” one. Reportedly they’re the low-end Walker’s-brand, but so far we’re OK with that.

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  1. Stop buying Duracell until they release notice of fixes in their manufacturing process. They made some sort of changes in their chemicals, probably due to inflation, and they now puke their guts very quickly. They also go dead much more rapidly, even if they don’t puke. They have turned into junk. I rate them as bottom of the barrel in quality. Idiots.


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