Turbulent Thursday

A mixed-bag of weather today: wind wrapped in rain, riven with gray clouds, cut by dashes of sunshine and slashes of blue sky. Highly localized, for a moment one side of the house was in a downpour while the other was dry with a crease of shadow from the sunlight – that soon faded again, obliterated by clouds streaming up the ridge-line.
UPDATE: Dryin’ out – and since it wouldn’t start, we got a Battery Tender and hooked it up to the old ’94 Mountain Sled – the 530i. She doesn’t drive it very much, not enough to keep the battery charged-up anyhow and the new $100+SuperBattery leaked all the electrons onto the floor. Probably the next thing to go will be the suspension…

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2 thoughts on “Turbulent Thursday

  1. When I met my wife she was freshly divorced and in possession of a beautifully cared for 10 year old BMW 750il, which she could no longer afford to drive. She was using simple daily driver and the Bimmer was slowly demonstrating entropy. When the battery went flat, we discovered that you couldn’t open the doors because of the electric door locks, and you couldn’t get at the battery where BMW had put it under the back seat because the V12 didn’t leave room under the hood for one. $900 later, I convinced her to sell it while it still had substantial resale value.

    The $20k it brought helped out the budget quite a bit.



    • The 750il is a whole ‘nother ketle of valuable fish! 🙂 This old 5-series is past its sell-by date and each time it goes in for some repair the question of its value hangs like a feather in the balance, like Anubis holding the scales of Ma’at in the Egyptian Book of the Dead…


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