South Paw Sinister Dreamer

I dreamed I got the Magpul SGA shotgun-stock and set-up the Mossberg to run Lefty. I think because I’m still harboring uncertain thoughts about the right-handed (or wrong-handed) GG&G rear-QD mount. Also it came up (in Dreamstate) that I’m visually cross-dominant. True enough, my left eye drives my cerebral cortex – or something.
Anyhow, so I was dreaming away in Fantasyland that the sling fit better and I could manipulate it easily (some fantasy that!) and roll it to the side to stuff-shells into the bottom, and do the Shell-Shucking Dance of the 3-inch chamber. And when I awoke I actually remembered my dream.
Which is a 50/50 % kinda thing, I often remember dreams but the specifics get fuzzy (and fade after an hour) especially if I’m writing something in my dream. Like the Dream about Democrats I had with the theme: Divisiveness. I remember part of it but there’s about three paragraphs/points of argument that I couldn’t reconstruct so it remains incomplete:

Democrats are by definition Divisive.
They NEED #Feminism to incite anger and keep 51% of the population off-kilter and angry at Men, and for Men to be on the defensive.
They NEED and use #Race to incite People-of-Color to anger, and maintain an edgy and UN-equal stance against ALL people of Non-Color.
They use impressionable #Youth with all their naivety and inexperience to fight against the #Elderly – over property and their decades long accumulated materials because they hate Equity, earned and derived over time – and also hate Compounded Interest.
They use … and there I lost the thread.

So there I was in the clear light of the morning and remembering that which I did, I attempted to manipulate and handle the Mossberg 590 as a Lefty. There ARE certain things I can do as a Lefty that are far superior to my right-handedness, like throw a Frisbee – but I am not a natural lefty. Except for the cross-dominance. Which I might have actually taught myself a long time ago when I was a spindly Yout’ in order to stare-down a certain someone. The idea was along the lines of “Fierce Eyeball Terror-Gaze” and that didn’t work either, except once with one girl and it lead to something entirely different…
So long story short, it didn’t take. I can’t do it, but it seems like good a practice-item/agenda-issue though. Doesn’t work for me with the AR either, I tried.

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5 thoughts on “South Paw Sinister Dreamer

  1. Handedness is not an either/or condition. It’s more of a spectrum, according to researchers. The cornerstone, or keystone, seems to be which hand you prefer to write with. That correlates with brain orientation, apparently.

    Same with feet/legs, and eyes, as far as which you prefer to use for certain functions. The really odd thing is that your dominant eye tends to be the one with the less sharp vision. No obvious reason has been determined as to why that is.

    One thing that has turned up is that most people are more expressive with their left hand when doing artistic things, like painting, even if they are righthanded.

    Even though I went to school back when they were still trying to encourage lefties to write with their right hand, I refused. I never let them know I could do it. Never told anyone I could write just as well with either hand. It just felt unnatural, and I found it was hard to express myself using my right hand.
    Could also bat and throw with either hand, although I could throw farther using my left. My pitching drove the guys crazy. My pitch was sidehanded, and that tends to scare batters, since most people are very inaccurate doing it. I was accurate with either hand, but faster with my left. They didn’t like it if I switched hands pitching to the same guy. At some point they ruled I couldn’t do it. By my teens, I had been relegated to the outfield, but lacking the range to reach home base from the fence line, I mostly gave up playing baseball. The drawback to no longer being even close in size to my classmates. Seems I got my size from my mother, as I was 5″ shorter and 60 lbs lighter than my dad. Sigh…


    • I think I got my height from my maternal Grandpa, he was a big Swede. His father had hands the size of catcher’s mitts, really enormous. He had gone down and worked as a stone-mason in Germany before coming over to the USA in 1902.


  2. What did you eat before bedtime that night? A big ol’ “I can’t believe it’s not Pastrami” sandwich? 🙂


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