Deluge Tuesday

It’s wet out there and cold. It makes me look forward to the heat we had this summer. The weather just IS, it is the definition of what “is”, is. Heat can kill, and cold can kill too, and rain can wash-away dreams – we have to care about it to secure our lives and property, not the other way around. In an early effort to scare children during the Cold War of the mid 60’s we were taught that an Ice Age was coming and New York City would be buried under a 100-foot sheet of icy death – not sure what they thought would happen to Arizona, but I remember reading a book about it. Later during the 70’s eruption of the Tree-Hugger community and the advent of “Earth Day” worship, a fabulistic movie came out about pesticides and the upcoming Empire of the Insects.
Perhaps it was a pitch to the enviro-dystopia death-cult and fear-mongering in Rachael Carson’s eco-seminal black-hole, “Silent Spring.” Now, Having gone through Ice they blame Fire and Global Warming – you can probably expect Giantism next. Sounds like a Mid-Century repeat. Back in the day, the most advanced and official German National-Socialist “Science” taught in German schools during the 30’s included the concept of Ice Giants and Fire Giants fighting to produce a Master Race. Their weirdo cult Genesis, was known as Glacial Cosmogony or “Glazial-Kosmogonie”, and just as we now have Global Warming, we once had “World Ice Theory” as a doctrine of belief, taught ins schools by the most Progressive group around…
Ecoweenies worship Nature, but somehow forget about the, “Red in tooth and claw” part. Selective memory and selective learning at work. For the ecological-driven Left the “Red” they’re talking about is Marx and Mao – and again they forget about the “tooth and claw” because in their shuttered lives and minds The Gulag they always build isn’t for THEM, it’s for the non-believers. So few remember (or are even taught) the lessons of the bloody French Revolution that consumed both Aristocrat and Peasant and Bourgeoisie alike. So few even know that manufactured offenses were used to keep the Gulag Factories running at full tilt because it was the only operational and productive part remaining out of the whole 50-year Soviet lab-rat experiment is Socialist Economy.
UPDATE: some revisions to paragraphs, etc.

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  1. Don’t forget that in the ’70s, they predicted that acid rain was gonna make so you couldn’t go outside without a PVC suit.


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