Cyberian Monday

The dawn came up clear and cold, scattered blue-gray and white-tinged clouds lay up at 10,000 feet and there was a thin trail of smoke in the valley above the golf-course. We slept well in the new sheets and freshly washed comforters and got up early at sunrise – which conveniently for me was 7:02AM.
The On-Line world beckoned, but we had other things in mind besides the Shopping Gulag.
Coming back from gassing-up (Yay fracking!! $2.65/gal!!) the left blinker went into fast-mode indicating that a light-bulb was out – it was the left-rear. Fortunately I have spare bulbs so that was taken-care of with little fuss. Nice to have a dry-out day.
Sushi for lunch at Kobe Surf & Turf – I miss good Unagi.
We went out on the Ponderosa Road overpass looking to grab a photo of the Sierra peaks covered in snow but the sky was altogether too tumultuous and whipped-up with same-colored blue-white-gray clouds that blended in with the peaks and snow making an image impossible – we’ll have to wait till it clears, but more rain is forecast.
Hit the hardware store for an outdoor timer for the Christmas lights and 10-feet of weather-resistant (srsly?) 16-guage extension cord. More rain coming.
I swear this is becoming a weather blog.

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2 thoughts on “Cyberian Monday

  1. I paid $2.349 per gallon here in the Deep South yesterday. And yay, sushi.

    According to the Whether Channel this ayem, considerable rain/snow due today in what I judge to be your area.


    • We’re gonna get two days like this, a dry-out, and then more. We need the water so every bit helps, I guess.
      Meanwhile in January, in order to thwart the actual returns on Evil Fracking, the CA ecoweenie-driven Stupidslature is raising the tax on Gasoline.


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