Black Friday

The sun was just up already at 7:00AM spreading shadows from ridge to ridge. In the distance there was a dull darkness, fog that blanketed the Central Valley. We had light – I really do NOT miss that among the BayAryans where the cold dull blanket stays down till noon. I like the light and heat.
We did not go shopping anywhere. Wrapped-up a couple garden hoses and made fast the water-barrel spouts. Rain is coming again tomorrow and Sunday, and then again Wednesday.
Went out Mother Lode Drive to have a look at the Sierras in the distance – there is some snow but not a heavy coat – but more is expected down to 5,000ft. I need to get a good photo of the mountain range all snowed-up that I can digitize into an Illustrator file and add text for my local gun-shop. They need t-shirts with a cool look, I’m working on it.
Lunch was Asian sesame-seaweed dressing on cucumber-salad, and thick sliced ham. In the early afternoon the high cirrus cloudscape began to bank-in and thicken to overcast, and mist came up between the ridges looking like smoke, obscuring homes across the way. It’s getting cooler and darker.

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