Global Warming Drip by Drip

We’re getting rain and lots of it. The rain-barrels are overflowing and when it dries out, after a day or two, we’ll empty the water onto the trees that have been stressed by the heat and drought. Then we can let them re-fill when the next rain hits, and do it again. Took a while to figure that out, DOH!

Thanksgiving: You didn’t Build That Stress-Monster – did you? No, Work did it for you – yeh thanks a lot Gov. Meanwhile we have been on a bit of a diet. When one decides to go that direction, the other really must follow, and I had a bunch of fat-slack I could afford to lose. Whilst among the doughy and Starbucks-saturated BayAryans I had ballooned to 200+. Paleo works! Now after a summer of hard labor and lifting rocks I’m at 185 – my old HS water-polo fighting weight. SheWhoMustBeObeyed is on track and has lost 16+some in an effort to get off the stress-based BP and cholesterol meds that are directly attributed to the last hellish few years working at the Big-Nasty-Robber-Baron-University finance job. All the dignified and nice-enough Old-School crowd are long gone, pushed-out by the sharp-elbow GSB get-me-mine Administrators-in-Bloat, busy back-stabbing and building their Admin-Empire of the Ants. Good riddance to that. We are both relieved to be out from under that dark cloud of stupidity and selfish misery, and all the enabling that went with it. Still this is a tough time of year to try and avoid all the Holiday Excesses – but we don’t have any Office Parties to attend, nor the sticky temptation of cubicle-candy that abounds in every workplace. The Bird is getting cooked tomorrow, so that we’ll have yummy left-overs for Turkey-day itself.

The meeting/lunch with the Old BFF and her Young Artist Lad went well. The fear of seeing a slow-motion train-wreck was unfounded, and it’s simply a matter of people struggling in this economy. The kid is bright and motivated, so I offered a piece of graphic equipment I was not using that would help in this digital age, an Intuous/Wacom pressure-sensitive cordless graphic tablet. I always struggled with the disconnect between hand and screen when using the device and still prefer the old ways of ink, pencil, and paper – but the kid is Modern and has Skillz to polish – and besides it was his 19th Birthday, so have at it.

And the blessed rain keeps falling. What caliber for rain-drops?


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