Sunshine! A brief respite

We are enjoying a bit clear sky and warmth this AM between the bands of lashing rain. More wetness is headed this way, but in the meantime the puddles are drying and the birds run around the tanbark under the junipers, pecking at bugs.
Meanwhile the spiky needle-leaf red-flower western drought-tolerant mystery shrub who’s name we don’t know, slowly gives up its thorny secrets. This unassuming plant would make an excellent defensive barricade, the spikey-needle leaves are real pin-prickers and you must wear heavy gloves to resist penetration. The little red flowers are very attractive to the hummingbirds who flit in and out and avoid the sharp needles. Just taking the pictures I received a number of painful jabs.
It grows in a dense, criss-crossing bramble-thicket, that is as close to impenetrable barb-wire as anything. A hedgerow of this stuff would be tough-going and if you fell into it wearing just a t-shirt you’d be in a world of hurt.
And finally we uncovered a nice big rock, yay!
Anybody got a name for this thing?
UPDATE: We have a weiner! Nasty-plant, AKA Devil’s Plant – and it’s no wonder that it comes from Australia where 90% of things living-and-crawling are poisonous or otherwise dangerous to man. It’s a Grevillea Needle-Leaf. “Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases.” Yeh because it’s wicked-NASTY! The deer don’t even try. Much like the thorny, bionic concertina-wire Bougainvillea…


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