Dear Santa…

…You know I don’t need or wear any NFL gear – ever, or NBA, or even MLB – I buy my own socks – but the Ontario M9 Bayonet is kewl.
Also pretty much any electronic gizmo is worthless to me, even a BORS computer scope, or a long-distance bullet-drop compensation app – because I don’t have a goddam smarty-ass-phone.
And we can skip the tattoo-parlor gift-card.
“Whiskey for my Horses and Ammo for my Mossberg!”


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2 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. How you comin’ with finding your sling for the Mossy? I haven’t see a Viking Tactics sling up close and personal yet, but from what I gather online, it seems promising as a choice for my 870 (with the addition of the proper attachment points). Still interested in your take on how it works as a shotgun sling.

    • I got a Viking Tac sling off eBay and hooked it up – it works fine as a sling and I like the padding and the adjustable tighten/loosen part – thought I might try flipping things around to see how it works pulling the other way? The Louis Awerbuck Combat Shotgun DVD where he talks about slings and such helped me orient my mind quite a bit too!

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