Zombies Everywhere

Zombies, Soviets, Nazi Moon-Zombies, Ebola, Occupy…or an EMP
In the 60’s and 70’s it was common for the snotty Gruber-type elite Über-cognoscenti to dismiss *Zombies* out-of-hand (and write a Literature/Poly-Sci Thesis upon the straw-man argument) as the unnecessary* vapors and over-blown fear of the Soviet Union by small-minded, over-wrought, small-town, xenophobic, bitter-clingers who were afraid of everything outside their small horizon – and that anyhow The Government would save them.
If you notice in the horror classic, Night of The Living Dead, the Government and especially The Media are not depicted at all kindly. In fact they are depicted as many see them: unknowing, bumptious, and incoherent oafs who are utterly incapable of doing anything useful to stem the Zombie outbreak – and it is only the Local Authorities who are finally able to handle the situation.
Lately the Occupy protestors and more recently the Ebola virus have risen to assume the practical shape of “Zombies” – which is essentially an out-of-control situation that Big Gov. fears to deal-with, or uses to its own advantage. “Zombies” today are pretty-much a proxy for any demons that ineffectual and somnambulant Big-Gov. ignores – and Local People still must take their own destiny and protection in hand.
On the horizon are the ISIS Zombies who have an actual, practical-political and deadly dimension. Beheading “non-believers” in large-scale acts of murder indicate very clearly that the naive notion of “co-existence” is really pretty small-minded Ostrich-behavior itself.
The one consistent thing in all this (and in other TEOTWAWKI scenarios like Mars Attacks!) is that Big Gov. and its People have a place to run and hide (and YOU do not), until whatever it is blows over, and only afterwards do they come out of their spider-hole-in-the-ground to regain and re-capture Power in the wasted aftermath.
In the End “Zombies” are also a trigger-warning for people themselves to be prepared when (not if) Gov. fails them.
(* Necessity? You don’t NEED what they don’t think you don’t need…)


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3 thoughts on “Zombies Everywhere

  1. A lot of horror genres touch on the Known of the Collective Unconscious; things we all understand intuitively, even if imaginary. The easiest example is vampirism, which although it doesn’t occur as depicted, is nevertheless an exact metaphor for what happens in quite a few human relationships.
    For me, the concept of zombies — the living dead who cannot be reasoned with and cannot be stopped and who want to eat your brains, turning you into one of them — has always been the archetypal metaphor for progressivism.

    • Progressivism, the name-thing-movement that means nothing at all what it claims to say it means!!
      I always thought that the Harpy and the Succubus were forerunners of Bram Stoker’s neo-Victorian vampire – only less “sexy,” just really more directly sex-ish. The decidedly un-sexy Nosferatu always seemed to me to be more like a real Vampire, especially in dreams of flight that I had about that condition – Klaus Kinsky’s portrayal notwithstanding… He might have been a real one. He was a real creep.

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