National Ammo Day! Buy 100-rounds!!

National Ammo Day
Fourteen-years going strong!

From MArooned (link): For the uninitiated, the deal is that on November 19th the dutiful Gunnie is to go out and purchase at least 100 rounds of ammunition, ideally center-fire ammo but rim-fire if money’s tight (although these days, with the price of .22LR what it is, that’s not as much of an issue any more).
Ideally pick up 100 rounds of rifle ammo, or at least defensive pistol ammunition. Something more than plinking or casual range fodder would be great (although, really, anything is better than nothing).

As far as .22LR goes it’s not just price, it’s availability (or lack thereof) – but I don’t shoot a lot of .22LR to begin with.
I did not get into shooting via the much vaunted .22 round, because I didn’t start as a kid.
I began shooting with the .30-40 Krag (and whenever I come across a box I buy one), and moved up to the M1 Garand in .30-06 – and a .38spl S&W Model 10, followed by a ’43 1911A1 Colt Govt. Model .45ACP — for .22 I don’t have much emotional attachment. As far as .22 projectile launchers I only have a Sig P220/.22LR conversion kit-barrel thing, and the 1913 S&W 3rd Model Perfected Olympic single-shot pistol.
Instead we do (already) have a case of .22WRF (magnum-like!) for my Wife’s old Winchester Model 90 rifle – and as for feeding the Mossberg, I need more twelve-bore, but I’m enough of a bore already!

UPDATE: 100-rounds of American Eagle .38Spl, and 30 (6-boxes) rounds of “Royal Buck Low Recoil”, from Rio Ammunition, Inc. out of McEwen TN. It seems to be of Spanish ownership, the parent company being MAXAM Outdoors, S.A. Madrid – with manufacturing plants located in Spain, England, and Tennessee… Only $2.99 a box of five.

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