Sleep laying down

It’s a lot more satisfying than sitting-up. Also since the diaphragm is not under pressure from other organs stacking-up on it, I think you get more and better airflow – but I’m not an MD so I don’t know the actuals on that, but my walking-around breath seemed a bit short while I was occupied in the upright sleep-position.
We took a bunch of closet items and personal things: clothes and other materials, to the Snowline Hospice re-sale store. They are our main donation location since we don’t do that much with Goodwill up here.
Clear but cool not cold, more rain coming middle of the week.
We take a(nother) day out of the automatic drip rotation this week – so we’re down to one day of watering a week: Sunday. But we (now) have full rain-barrels that we’ll empty each time between storms and rain so that the plants and trees don’t suffer.
The Mossberg is coming along, I think I need to get the off-side (lefty) QD point, two rights don’t make it work, and I still need a bayonet – and a shotgun class. I have the Louis Awerbuck DVD but watching is not doing.

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6 thoughts on “Sleep laying down

  1. As far as donations, if you have a choice of Salvation Army, or Goodwill, go with the S A. They are a much better charitable organization.


    • I think Goodwill just loads up a tractor-trailer full of donated stuff and then sells it at auction. The Santa Clara unit was in trouble with the law for a number of reasons a while back – it was mainly run by one family who often kept stuff for themselves.


    • Up until now we always just took stuff to Goodwill, but now Snowline is closer and they seem to appreciate it more. If you had a local church that was active with charity that might be another possibility? Salvation Army also still takes items like furniture but it seems like a lot of charities just want you to give ’em an old car…


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