Rain Again! (3rd Time’s a Charm)

The last couple days we have awakened in a low cloud. By lunch-time visibility has increased to several miles and in the afternoon and evening the sunsets have brightened the low clouds. But last night the sun set within a slit of high and low clouds, and around 4:30AM the rain was pouring down in earnest. Today has been rainy and misty and drizzly all day and our rain-barrels are full again…Visibility is about a half-mile in one direction and much less in the other. The Sierras are getting snow but only at higher elevations (7,000 feet and up) because it’s a warm storm with Mid-Pacific moisture, not Alaskan.

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2 thoughts on “Rain Again! (3rd Time’s a Charm)

    • I understand the sentiment! Working in stone and in earthquake-prone areas demands special and expensive construction details in order to stay upright, as only the ancient Incas have shown: massive walls with interlocking cupped and raised sections that re-assemble after the earth-wiggle. Rather fine but primitive.


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