Warehouse of Sporting-Mens

Walking around the Funshow got a bit tiring after a while, so I went home to catch some rays on deck. With cold temps banished by a duplicate of last year’s offfshore hovering-high trough – at around 80° the chaise was the perfect angle of deflection to catch up on needed and pain-free sleep.
After a better night’s sleep than last, on Sunday we headed down to the ‘burbs and flatlands to find some storage-supplies. Since there’s only the two of us and cookin’ recipes run to feed four or six, we have a need to freeze extra food and condiments – especially the awesome extra-hot tomatillo salsa from the Crazy Gringo Taco Man. That’s why we got the freezer for the garage in the first place, besides hating the lower pull-out freezer-thing, an abomination that came with the houses’ dumbass LG “French Door” ‘fridge. It’s a back-breaker and impossible to store or sort anything within its bottomless and unreachable pit, so we put our freezing and vacuum-storage items out in the *uppright* garage-freezer.
Pulling into the parking lot I spy right next to our destination at “Smart & Final,” the Sub-Cabela’s Mecca: Sportsman’s Warehouse! There was none-such a Hunting-Shooting Outfittery-Emporium within a hundred miles of our previous residence, and this being past that radius I am glad.
There was a host of firearms, both shoulder and hand – and piles of ammo, especially the seasonal wing-shooting variety. And knives galore, and clothing: hunting and fishing haberdashery – and pink guns for girls. And boats! So I didn’t find a Viking Tactics Bearded Ninja Operator Sling, but I know exactly where to get one anyhow.
I bought a pair of comfy winter slippers, but I will return…

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