Seems to me, now that we live in cow and horse country – and we’re watching the CMA’s an laughing like hell at “Quarantine”, (I have a 2nd cousin named Joleen) – and it seems to me that Eric Church is a threeper? Cool.
I like living waaay out side the Beltway, waaay outside the lockstep BayAryans and their Tesla cockroach-cars – waaay out in flyoverland. Gun show this weekend!

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  1. Tesla… My landlord lives in a McMansion development in So San Jose. Shares a driveway with two other houses. Both of those neighbors have Teslas (Teslai?) as third cars. There is at least one more on his short street. Someone I know just started working at Tesla Motors. Working 65 hrs/week.

    Most of those single homes have 3-car garages, 2+1. One model was a variable garage design, it seems. I’ve seen it with 2+1+1 as max, or any combo. Floorplan stays the same, just different use of the space. Instead of a garage door, it may just have windows, or a blank wall. I’ve got a cattle ranch across the street, and he has a ranch/Open Space on the other side of his back fence. Not a good fence, either. The cows bend the verticals when they lean on it. Couple years ago, I went up there, and found cow pies all over his driveway, but they didn’t come through HIS fence. 😀


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