Adjusted for Inflation

We go up to Apple Hill during the weekdays when it’s not glommed-up with sneezing Ebola-ridden flatlander tourists, to get some (more) apples. They’re everywhere, but Larsen’s were out of the Mutsu – apparently that’s a September-into-October apple, but we got some huge Fujis and some pears. The Sierras were covered in a blanket of white and the chill was on, unless you stood in the sun and soaked it in – delightfully refreshing. On the way home we stopped at Lee’s Feed to get an unwrapped toy for a Christmastime fund-drive. Since we are in ranch and cattle-country, we chose a horsey by toy-maker Breyer. Damn, if a Kid had to buy their own toys that event would precipitate a real 4-H lesson in animal-economics, ranching, and bank-loans. Anyhow we managed to find one that was not pink, and with some accessories (a saddle and jump-fence) that was under $30. It was a ~fairly~ gender-neutral action-figure, enough so that a boy-kid wouldn’t feel too swishy pr get too teased – and it was either that or a John Wayne toy-rifle set or the Pink-Camo girlie rifle-set. Who could go wrong?

Vote Guns!We already voted over a month ago since we are registered Mail-In Ballot types – as are many people up here also. They know the issues and vote in advance. Apparently The County follows the rules and doesn’t just throw out Mail-In Ballots up here but actually counts them! And not just when a race is close, or in order to decide the %’s of a re-count. Down among the BayAryans I’m pretty damn sure the Mail-In Ballots get dumped in a To-Shred pile, and are only opened if a Republican (or worse, Libertarian) is about to beat a Democrat – which would be more interesting of there were any non-Democrats to show for it. Worse yet in the absence of competition for ideas or intellectual curiosity, the fight there (and in Urban CA in general) is betwixt and between Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, University Radicals, and Anarchists to see who can be more extreme among the given issues that the Politburo allows to be addressed. It’s all about preening and positioning, and a lot of elbows get thrown to display a mastery of the obvious and narrow talking-points allowed by Liberal Sharia Court of Political Corrections. Bleh.

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    • Oh the weather and abundance of apple was great, I was freaked out by the cost of basically children’s toys! I suppose the much vaunted “American Girl” dolls (and books) are somewhat cheaper, but the lesson I learned was that owing horses (even pretend, and track) is EXPENSIVE! No wonder only little girls ride hoses anymore.


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