Cylinder Bore

IMGP0037_x1000 I wanted to read the text on the barrel so I had to remove the heat-shield and slide it forward. In doing so I had to rediscover (hunt-around for) my Inch-measure Allen wrenches and hex sockets, since everything else I do with tools is Metric. The KTM is metric, and the BMW – hell the Ford F-150 is probably Metric too, but I don’t do anything to it – and around the house Phillips-head screws have no allegiance… The Allen screws pass through a black Delrin (?) spacer in front of the magazine ring/bayonet lug, and on the back-side are retained by 5/16ths nuts – watch out gorilla arms! Don’t over torque this.
So after all that, underneath it all is the roll-stamp that says, “FOR 2 3/4 AND 3 IN. SHELLS, 20 IN. CYLINDER BORE -”
I think the heat-shield is kinda cool, it’s like the old trench-guns. No word yet on whether it makes any damn difference.

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3 thoughts on “Cylinder Bore

  1. If nothing else, it seems you’ll be well prepared for any appearance of the dreaded trench-digging zombies. 🙂


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