Sit Rep 11.1

On Halloween night the wet clouds pushed up against the hills and rain started to lay down a thick wet and dark blanket. With pitch black night and steep driveway on distant  hillsides, we don’t get much in the way of no trick-or-treat’ers. Up here on the hilltop there’s coyotes and mountain lions up in the wild-preserve. Parents take the kids door-to-door down in the flatlands by the golf-course.

So…a solid mass of slow-falling water stayed to drench.  I awoke at 4:05 with the chest-wall pain again, and the sound of wind whipping the trees and the fat splatter of rain on the roof. Rain, blessed rain.

In the cold morning of November the rain barrels were all full and the icy dip in temperatures indicated snow was not too far up the elevation lines.  We roasted butternut squash and made a delicious soup for lunch.  In the early afternoon skies had broken open to big fluffy clouds with slashes of blue clear, and the roads had dried, so I decided to get out on the Gentleman’s Express and visit the local gun-shops.

The first one was closed, and as another couple returned to their truck, a “young-ish” (late 30’s?) man (who had rode up on horseback and tied-off nearby),  asked  for help to buy feed for his horse.  They left, I responded with a fiver.  He was well spoken and clear-eyed, and mainly looked like he camped rough and didn’t suffer from too much soap – and he complimented me on my “horse.”  I noted back that his horse had more character (I’ve been around damn horses before, some have too much character), and he replied it was nice to be loved in return.  I don’t think he was well reciprocated otherwise, but he seemed stout and sturdy at least.

He was the son of a MD, now distant – but horses were his life.  He had not seen the BMW “tele-lever “fork  before, but had ridden dirtbikes as far away as Guatemala where his father had done work.  I said that these bikes were mainly car-derived anymore, and mounted-up to return home for pop-corn and The Afternoon Matinee: Kelley’s Heroes.


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  1. Ahh, a change in environment! This problem wasn’t evident where you lived before? Consider the plants and other living stuff at the new place. I’m leery of it being the house water. New laundry soap? You might have to do some intensive thinking with focused observation on the subject.

    Still, the cracks not healing is normally a mixture of being deep, and your body/your skin being dehydrated. Could be some agent you handle that is directly drying it out, which makes the skin more fragile, or tear-able. Textile type gloves don’t totally protect from liquid and powdered materials, and the impervious types can also cause problems due to concentrated sweat. Limit how long you wear those rubber types, and rinse/wash your hands of concentrated sweat, and clean the inside of the gloves at the same time.

    Why do our hands sweat? Most useless body function I can think of.


  2. A complicating, or perhaps originating, problem might be an allergic reaction to something you handle or consume. I have an allergy to Aspartame, which leaves ulcers and peeling skin on fingers and toes. Consume enough, and it can develop into some really deep cracks. Look more like fjords, actually!
    A pharmacist recently informed me that various foods can cause the same sort of skin problems from an allergy response. I always thought food allergies manifested in GI tract reactions, but he says not always. Might want to do a little research on the subject. Skin reaction tests for foods and other environmental factors can be done.

    And then again, it may just be something you handle that dries out your skin.


    • I was thinking it was work-related and environmental, lifting and moving rocks, harder water and dryer atmosphere – but maybe. We eat very healthy and no junk food whatsoever. No soda pop or cookies, low-carb with lots of healthy greens and fresh non-processed meat…


  3. In regard to you comment at Borepatch about your fingers. Look for skin conditioner with a high content of urea. At least 10%, and 20% is better (works quicker). IIRC, you have Kaiser, and they should have the 20 in their pharmacy lobby area. Well, ten years ago they did! I have to use this to get those deep cracks to heal properly. The edges of the skin won’t pull together, otherwise. This will soften the skin and make it more flexible. Occasional use can help keep the problem from occurring.


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