I think it’s cool that the Royals let that guy from the Red Hot Chili Peppers play, but where’d all the tattoos go? And we also like the googly-eyed Mad-Man-Down-From-the-Mountain, he’s a true 49er, just needs a Studebaker Wheelbarrow and he’d fit right in up here.


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  1. The K is, if I recall, the last of the stadia that was built in that era. The difference between it and its contemporaries is that it’s sport specific, like Arrowhead next door for the Chiefs, whereas most of the others were that horrid multi-use garbage, the sightlines were never set up to watch anything well. I can’t think of one that hasn’t been torn down. Busch was the last of them, I think.

    The updates we did a couple of years ago brought the K place back up to a more modern standard with regard to toilet count, and the queue spaces for the concessions became more accessible, but the majority of the seating in the box area stayed the same. The outfield received a bunch more seating and a slight reconfiguring of the bullpen, but it’s out where it really belongs, beyond the outfield walls, and not in foul territory, though we have plenty of that. I’m really glad that the boys around the block (Populous) did the work, since it’s one of the local firms (we’re the sports-firm HQ of the world here, owing to Clarence Kivett, largely) and had an interest in keeping the feel and theme of the place intact while increasing the amenities and user experience.

    • They are tearing down awuful old Candlestick, that was the old dual-use stadium – and built AT&T baseball exclusive for the Giants, with the new exclusive ‘Niners stadium down among the deep BayAryans. Glad wee left, traffic congestion – even with a million Tesla-S’s – will be self-crematory.

    • I’m not really a big stickball fan, but in October we watch The Series, and the last few innings were scary, that ballpark is an enormous house! Still think Hosmer could stand-in for Dave Navarro! 🙂

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