Cooling Off Period

Back in August we received a very favorable ruling:

A federal judge severely limited California’s gun-purchase waiting period in a ruling released Monday that says the law is unconstitutional when applied to those who have gone through the process to get a concealed-weapons permit, or who the state already knows to be firearms owners.

Still Clinton appointee Judge Ishii stayed his own ruling for 180 days, to give California time to rewrite its laws – should it choose to do so. Huh?? Doh!! So in a few days we’ll pickup the Mossberg.
Meanwhile the actual outside has dropped into the 70’s. Just about two weeks ago with temps averaging in the 90’s we had to get-up early and get working outside before the heat scorched us. Today my wife remarked, “What’s that burning smell?” I looked around from washing breakfast dishes at the window, and felt warm breeze on my toes – the heater had kicked on! Interior temps had dropped below 67-degrees and the furnace equipment that had lain dormant since April was re-awakened.
A mild mid-atmosphere haze and gray cloud formation hung overhead all morning, only slightly dissipating as afternoon winds blew up and pushed it north. Rain is in the Saturday forecast so we went out and watered plants from the rain-barrels to empty them, and I moved some rocks around trying to delineate a pathway between the bonsai’d junipers and the stumpy “thing” growing out by the roadway of the low granite outcropping.

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  1. Can’t believe the weather we’ve been having of late. Picture perfect autumnal stuff and since we had a good bit of rain this year with little in the way of hot/dry like we had in 2011/12, the trees have had a good season and the colors truly reflect it.

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