In the evening  the Low-Grade 101 fever returned.  Feeling dull as dishwater, I attempted to take a nap – and began shivering in bed.  Convulsively.  My neck was cold and with the chest-wall pain there was nowhere to turn, or turn-over and find comfort.  I couldn’t lay flat, I couldn’t lay on either side.  The chills escalated into muscles spasms that yanked at every corner – Yowww!

I understand Fever, it’s your body actively burning off the crud and nasty goop that’s hanging around too long, but what’s with Chills and Shivers?   Is it the semi-passive lymph system trying to shake-off and physically process that cast-off crud and goobers?

I also remember this happened last time after the motocross incident – and it was also after a few days of going around semi-normal but with pain and general listlessness.  Wham!  The chills,  I also remember that after that episode, things all started to march along – it signaled the end of it all and the beginning of an upward curve.  So good, we’ll be all happy-dappy soon enough.

Decided also that the only way to get any sleep would be to  sleep sitting-up, it’s like an airplane with more leg-room. So we got a cushion from the couch and brought it in to the bedroom.  I can do this. More ibuprofen and went to bed with the alarm set to wake me in 5-hours when it was time to take another dose.  Sleep was forthcoming, gradually.

UPDATE: Awoke feeling all chipper and much better.  No chills and the chest-wall was almost sound.  Amazing.  Had a green smoothie and went down to Folsom Kaiser for a past-due eye-exam.  Now that we’re retired it’s all Kaiser all the time.  Could be worse, the facility is unlike the BayAryan one in many-many positive (too me) respects.  Our eyes are 100% and the necessary correction showed improvement – which needed a slight reduction.

Worst thing about the visit was the magazines to read: Hunting & Fishing (I guess we REALLY aren’t in the BayArea!), Home Decor, Airplanes!  Someomne had left an AOPA Pilot magazine to read.  I live near the airport, the little planes fly over, maybe I should learn to fly – besides, with a truck and a motorcycle we really don’t need a second car.  Not gonna live forever and we don’t have any heirs, and certainly not gonna waste good money on Bad Gov.


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8 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. A B-17? Well, if you’re gonna dream, dream big, I guess. 🙂

    Yeah, flight instruction is expensive now. Today, I certainly couldn’t afford the training required for all the ratings I accumulated years ago.


    • Only way I could have gone-up would have been via the Services: Army helicopter, AF zoomie, Navy both, Marines, etc.- but with MY eyesight I would have wound up being a damn cook.
      We did go for a ride in the Collings Fdn. B-17, it was plush – their B-25 Mitchel however was the loudest damn thing and shook like a paint-mixer, a freaking hot-rod jalopy with wings.


    • You could start with sailplanes, to see if flying really is something you want to get involved with.
      Hope you’re right-handed, though. I was given a 1hour flight gift certificate some years ago. Just before they plowed under the strip they used in Fremont, next to the bay.
      There was only two hand controls, the stick, and the spoiler lever, which was located on the left side. I was enjoying it, even without any lift (rare day), when the instructor realized I was flying with my left hand. Demanded I use my right hand. Took too much of the enjoyment away, kind of like riding down I-5 on a Ducati.
      Jeez, how much hassle would it be to build it with a lever on both sides? Or have it be swap-able?
      I’ve heard from pilots that first learned to fly in sailplanes that it makes for a lot less drama when things get dicey in powered aircraft. The training and confidence you acquire from flying something that only gives you one shot at getting down safely, tends to keep your head clear when time is of the essence.
      Brings to mind the new airliner (757?) that ran out of fuel over Canada. Co-pilot was a glider guy, and he brought it down on a short strip that was being used as a dragstrip. He said his roots in gliders made all the difference in getting into that small strip without power.


  2. Simple explanation…you get hotter on the inside (fever), you feel colder on the outside. Meaning that piling on the covers raises your core temp and actually makes the chill worse.

    Perhaps time (or past time) to consult with your physician? And have you ever had pneumonia?


    • Unless you are philosophically opposed to chest X-rays, you should consider having one done if your symptoms do not completely clear, and especially if you experience any difficulty breathing.

      There’s nothing quite like flying a light aircraft. You should take a couple of hours of dual instruction and see how you like it.


    • My last chest X-ray only revealed a “mildly tortuous aorta.” The main chest/breathing issues are pain associated with the ribs, but it’s subsided and nearly all gone, and I’m not feeling any chest congestion – but I did get a Flue shot for the first time ever! It shouldn’t be as painful as a typhoid-cholera booster or the diphtheria ones, but mainly I just hate needles after all those years of getting stuck.
      I want some dual instruction time in a B-17! My former Editor used to fly bush aircraft in Alaska – and others elsewhere. My/our main on-going impediment has always been financial.


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