Out and About

I remembered I had stashed-away a No-Fear elastic kidney-belt from my years of enduro riding, so I dug it out and strapped it up onto my chest – compression helps with the pain and shifting, so I guess this isn’t my liver going-off, howling at me… I hope.

The old belt survives because the build-quality is far better than the cheap Home-Depot crap.  The rigid part says rigid and the “corset-stays” are well sewn-in and don’t come out, the mesh section breathes and the Velcro still holds.  So we’re a happy camper.  But the pain is still there, absent any bruising or outwardly visible manifestation.  The last time I had some popped ribs you could easily count the purple stripes.

Went for a drive up to Apple Hill and bought some fall deliciousness.  Fujis and Mutsu:- a cross between a Granny Smith and a Golden Delicious that doesn’t make it to the stores because they bruise easily and the losses from mishandling are too great.

Happy Columbus Day everybody!  Think good-thoughts for all the Native Americans who were freed from the barbaric slavery, constant violence, disease and deprivations – and human sacrifice perpetrated by the Aztec regime.  Nobody living around Tenochtitlan liked those brutal thugs, they made life nasty.

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