Loquat Tree and Japanese Maple

We deconstructed a layer of rock that was encircled around the loquat’s roots, and trimmed-out the various and sundry dead branches.  Also some of the overgrowth.  Then we tan-barked it.  IMGP1798_x1000Unfortunately now my neighbor’s back yard is more visible than before, but that will have to do.


Meanwhile the maple has an owie.  I was thinking of filling the void since it collects water during rainy season, but it seems that only encourages worse conditions – We hope the tree will survive because its graceful shape and gentle color is a real asset to garden – plus they are expensive to replace!




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2 thoughts on “Loquat Tree and Japanese Maple

  1. When I was kid, living in Oregon, there as a huge maple we drove by very frequently on our various trips to go shopping, or visit relatives, etc. I had the same problem, only worse. I don’t recall whether it was on public or private land. But somebody had decided to fill the void with concrete, to stablize the trunk and save the tree. As I was just a boy, I have no details on this, or how long it had been in that condition, but eventually, it had to come down, but as I recall, that was only after many years.

    As I’m not an arborist, I have no idea how one would approach this sort of thing. As a practical matter, if it collects water, perhaps a drain hole? I wouldn’t think a small hole intersecting the bottom of the void would make things worse. Or, you could erect a parasol over the hole, to keep the rain out. 😉

    • We had a big old oak-tree on our street in the 60’s that had a couple concrete patches too! It had to come-down in the mid 80’s. Nearby was a walnut that I climbed and found a branch-hole that was always full of brown, tannic water.
      I’ve read that filling the void encourages and hastens decay of other types, and that it’s best to keep the wound open so the tree can breathe – a drain hole might help or maybe it will fix itself in time.

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